An Introduction To Biblical Nonsense

Society and the Bible

From Jerusalem To The West
The Psychology Hidden Behind Christianity
Christianity's Imminent Downfall
Poor Christian Reasoning

Science and the Bible

Science To The Rescue
101 Reasons Why Noah's Story Doesn't Float
The Flat Earth Society
Thousands Or Billions

Morality and the Bible

The Darker Side Of God
Why Women And The Bible Don't Mix
God's Stance On Slavery

Reality and the Bible

Moses And Other Historical Fabrications
This Way And That: Biblical Contradictions
Absurdity At Its Finest
A Different Future
The Figure Behind The Legend

A Final Word On Biblical Nonsense

1/9/2012: Biblical Nonsense celebrates seven years in print

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Front Matter
References And Recommended Readings
Corrections And Clarifications
Frequently Asked Questions
Letters Of Appreciation
Letters Of Disapproval
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