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Dr. Long,

I found your post on exchristian.net.  It is my hope that you find a publisher, and soon.  I will be purchasing several

copies to distribute to my christian friends.  I was a good Baptist for about 15 years.  It took another 10 years of

suffering a guilt ridden downward spiral before I found my answer in atheism.  I will be monitoring your website regularly,

reading, and hoping for an announcement of a publication date.










You may remember me as the person who's emailed you once or twice about your book in the past.


Anyhow, I've just come to the end (finally) of your interminable work. Once again, I'd like to say how much I enjoyed it

- putting points across clearly and (at times) concisely, and with a touch of wit to boot.


Your book is very focused on its topic - Biblical errancy. This has many merits to recommend it, but I think doubting

Christians/beginning freethinkers would benefit greatly from other material to which you could profitably apply yourself

- eg the question of a god, evidence of gods in today's world and such. And what about other religions and their lack of



Just some suggestions if you have some spare time








Hi Jason,


My name is JG. I'd like to include a link to your Biblical Nonsense site on my own site as I develop it. There is not

much at my site so far, just a collection of some ideas.


Thanks and take care,







nice job!


I spent much of this afternoon going through your 'intro to christian nonsense' which I found via your sig....


Nice job! Lots of useful info, and presented in a good format.








Hello Doc,


I've been reading your book on line. Good stuff








Doc Long,


Awaiting publication of the Book with bated breath!


Your byline and presence at ExChristian dot net is appreciated and enjoyed.








Thanks for "dumbing" down your writing so the common person can read it.  I found your writing to be easy to read and rather

humorous.  I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site.  Best of luck with your book.  I will keep my eyes out for it.








I checked out your site and it looks very good! I will link to it.








Hi Jason. I perused your site and read the intro to your book.  It looks good!  We do need more books like yours that are

more accessible to ordinary people.  I've downloaded the zip file and I'll read some more, and if I like it, I'll definitely

buy it (is that ethical?  Maybe not, let me know what you think.)


All the best and keep up the fight against nonsense, biblical and otherwise.








Checked out a bit of your website, haven't read the book yet, but am suitably impressed enough to do so soon.  :)

I would be happy to put a link on my site.








Hey Jason,


Thanks for the information, not to mention doing the book AND making it available!








Dr. Jason Long


I'll be happy to add a link to your site on the next update.


In fact, I'd like to give you a little higher profile. Could you give me permission to republish the introduction to the book

in the Meditations section of my web site? That would probably create more visitors for you.


Let me know.


Best wishes








Dr. Long,


Your book should not be readable online. I strongly suggest you remove it's content, and make people who are interested,

purchase a copy...It sounds like a very interesting perspective, one that I share commons with. I will purchase one next week

when I get my new card, but heck, don't let anyone cut and paste that for free. People should pay you so you can support your

overhead from the project.


You can't read any Gielser or Sproul books online, why should atheistic authors be any different?









Hi Jason,


Your book is terrific!  Your site is much needed and appreciated.  I have added a link to it from my site:

http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/smcdownlds/Philo2.html (under the heading  "The Bible: Can it be God's Word?")


In my online book, I take the reader on a trip from cover to cover through the Bible, pointing things out along the way.

Your book takes a topical approach.  I think both approaches are needed and serve a purpose.


I disagree with DS who said you shouldn't keep your book online but should make people pay for it.  I strongly feel that

this information needs to be freely available to all.


Thank you for writing this book!










Thanks for your email and your contribution to freethinkers – and freethinkers to be - of the world.  I have read part of

your website and I feel like I am reading my own writing.  In my book, True Truths:  The Shameful Deceit, Arrogance and

Corruption of Religion, I cover many of the same topics you cover in very similar ways.


I will be sure to refer friends and those with questions regarding religion to visit your site and check out your book.  I

will be updating my website, www.truetruths.com, soon, and will include a link to your site.


Have a great day, and continue your eye opening, mind expanding work.








Dear sir :


I became skeptical about 15 years ago when I watch a lot of discovery channel and they did something about Jesus. I can’t

remember what it was about but that is when I started my journey to become an atheist. It was slow journey with some bumps

in the road. But just recently I began my search for the truth and came across a lot of web sites and got some answers I was

asking and I grew more aware the fallacies of the bible and others. And just came across your web page and found it fascinating

and answered a lot of questions and I just want to thank you for doing what you did it set me on the right path. And I can know

say that  I am an atheist.







Just been reading the texts on your web site. Excellent stuff.

One question, how the hell did the utterings in the Old Testament, human sacrifice, slavery etc. take a grip of people's minds ?

I find this completely amazing, and incomprehensible.








Good site. The 'revealed' religions are unreasonable.


I wonder in your suggested reading list why you do not include Thomas Paine's anti-biblical "The Age of Reason". It is an

excellent piece of work. Thomas Paine was a deist.


If you or any of your readers are agnostics, but leaning towards "well, I think there's something else besides evolution to

explain the universe", I'd like to point you all towards the freethinking forum at "Positive Deism" on the net. You won't find

answers there, but a fellowship of people trying to use Reason to define some sort of God.


Just an alternative for those who are dissatisfied with everything else on offer.








Dear Sir:


I must say I am enjoying your informative and thought provoking website. I certainly do appreciate the time and effort you have

invested in this undertaking.

I would like to humbly suggest that you add another contradiction/absurdity to your already impressive list. That is the fact the

in the OT God perpetrates genocide against the Canaanites on the grounds that they broke his laws and does so with no warning to

the Canaanites about their alleged transgressions and without having informed them at any time previously about the nature and

existence His laws. Furthermore, if these so called laws were the basis for genocide/destruction of a civilization, why did this

God not destroy the other civilizations/societies in the region if not the world? Why does this God stop at the Canaanites? There

is of course no proof given by this God that the Canaanites have acted so wickedly. In fact as we know today, the Canaanites were

anything but a wicked race consumed by every imaginable evil under the sun. Many more points could be made but you see where I’m



You may also want to add the three different accounts of the duration of the flood., The flood lasted 150 days in Gen 7:24, 40 days

in Gen 7:17 and ten months in Gen 8:5


Thanks for your time,








Dear Dr. Long,


I am currently reading your book at biblicalnonsense.com.  It is very good, thank you for making it publicly available.










Many months ago you sent me a notice of your new book to my site at www.escapereligion.com. I've been reading through your book

articles and enjoying them. I like you logic, which in many respects is similar to mine. If you don't mind I'm going to create a

link or two directly to your site or to one/a few or your articles.










I read your online version of your book and want to say thanks for making it available. It's very insightful and informative.


The reason I write is.. I have created (and attached) a pdf file of the book and I thought you may want to make it available for

download as well. The text in it is fairly small (I have good vision), so if you want it made larger, or want any other changes,

let me know and I'd be glad to fix it up.


Thanks again,







Found your website as a result of a search for info regarding debunking the Moses story.  Read Chapter 12 and found it informative

and fascinating to read.  Looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters of your book.  I agree, Christianity is "one of the

world's greatest problems", if not THE greatest.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!









Thank you, Dr. Long, a very well-written, all-in-one-place  debunking.  I throughly enjoyed the smattering of archaeological

evidence you presented, highlighting the lack of historical accuracy  in the bible.  Best of luck in your career, and I hope to

read more from you in the future.


I live in southeastern NC, and spend a good deal of my time  supporting the teaching of science in the local schools.  My

adversaries are those who would sneak ID into the middle and high  school science curriculum.  I meet with teachers, provide

material support to them, and help out however I can.  In other words, I do  what I can do to keep us from being thrown back into

the middle ages.  Obviously you do too! 


Keep up the good work!  Thank you!!!








I've looked over some of "Biblical Nonsense" and I'm enjoying it. It's good to see someone deal well with the investment aspect

of religion and cognitive dissonance. I think that's one of the keys most people either miss or fail to fully appreciate (just as

with the power of socialization).


Good stuff man -- take care,








I read chapter 2 "The Psychology Hidden Behind Christianity" and it just drew me in. I'm 24 and lived 18 years of my life in a

pentecostal church before deconversion. You couldn't have said it better! I really would like to support this book, let me know

what's up.








I visited your site and read a few of the articles.  I  particularly liked the "Introduction to Biblical Nonsense".  It provides

a highly-compressed set of  references that I'm sure I'll find handy.


One line in the article caught my eye:  "It’s because of this suppressed 'futileness-of prayer' realization that I feel there is

a subconscious mechanism trying to protect individuals from illogical thinking."


Actually, I've been researching this matter ever since I became an atheist in the early 1980's.  Finally, after a couple of decades

of research, I decided to put my conclusions into plain language. 


If that sounds like something you'd like to read, the article can be found at: http://members.aol.com/intwg/antiprocess.htm

The whole article takes about 35 minutes to read.


Well, I'm off to read your "Letters of Disapproval" page.  I always get a kick out of  stuff like that.  I have a similar section

on the site I run for ex-Jehovah's Witnesses.  It's amazing how the more  zealous the person is, the worse their grammar, spelling

and punctuation.  Some people have even  accused me of tweaking the negative

letters to make them look bad!


- TC






AWESOME site and book! It is fine time someone puts a real stamp on the "Biblical Nonsense" that tend to rule peoples lives.








Dr. Jason Long,


How are you? i wish you are well. I am Ananta from Bangladesh. Recently i have visited your site...very shortly i can

say that a great job you have done. many many thanks to you. In our present condition we need more like this site.....really.


  Ok...take care...Bye.


                       Best regards







Dr. Long,


  Thanks for your very interesting work in "Biblical Nonsense."  I find your information so compelling, especially the

incredible contradictions in the Bible--the supposed word of a perfect God.  I would like to submit my thoughts regarding one

of the most commonly quoted phrases in the Bible, "Thou shall not kill."  To me, the literal interpretation of this commandment

is another 100% proof of the fallacy of the Bible and the existence of God.  Here are my thoughts:


Today I’m surrounded by people who are “moral” Christians who make their choices based upon their Christian upbringing. Some tell

me that they believe every word in the Bible is true, that they accept it literally, not in a figurative sense at all.

A. How could a “perfect” God write a book that is imperfect and subject to interpretation? It is a contradiction in terms and

impossible. Yet the Bible is supposedly the word of God. Thanks for your time and for your excellent work.









Greetings Jason, 


I think I wrote you once before to compliment you on your book.  My experience is similar to you except that I was a preacher

for 14 years, wrote tracts, and traveled widely.  That was 1972-1986.


I realized I was an atheist about 1992


Since then I've written several pieces online  www.axisoflogic.com and www.dissidentvoice.org and for  various magazines...American

Rationalist,  Secular Nation, Free Inquiry, etc. 


I am now considering writing a book. 


Sincerely,  LS






I was surfing through the internet, and looking in google for atheists web sites. When I saw the link biblical nonsense, I couldn't

resist a good laugh and I clicked on the link right away.  I read most of the book already, and it's awesome. I think it's a shame

you put it up for free in the internet, I think this in a way makes the book less popular, nevertheless those that look for it will

find it. I really enjoyed how you disect and analyze "The Holy Bible", the Vatican would get a kick out of it. The book shows how

evil, cruel, stupid, and idiotic Christianity really is. It's amazing there are still people in the modern world that could believe

in such stupidity.


P.S: Check the "Letters of Disapproval" section, poor close-minded christians it's so sad.


Best of luck Jason








Dear Dr. Jason Long,


     I recently (with the utmost sadness) have found your term “Doubting Christian” an exacting description of myself.  I mumbled

“Yep, that’s right” to certain points in “Biblical Nonsense.”  I have found that Apologetics can smooth over apparent conflicts in

the Bible.  I feel some Apologists are adding/twisting the scriptures.  I’m left with apparent conflicts that are irreconcilable

even though I still believe the Bible is God’s word.  Can you hear the sad violin playing in the background?  Anyways.  This is a

most uncomfortable position to be in, because I am unable to deny the God of Abraham.  My relationship with God is real—at least to

me.  I have decided to accept, with a childlike faith, the Bible as God’s word.  I accept it without intellectual reason.  I accept

it without reconciliation of apparent conflicts.  Obviously, you can have fun poking at those statements.  I guess my question is:

For those of us that see apparent conflicts, is there really any fault in having a childlike faith and believing the Bible

regardless?  It seems the whole Christian experience is founded from the start on believing the unbelievable.  Maybe I’m just a John

Lennon-ish dreamer.  Imagine that.    Lastly, thanks for writing some conclusions that I also derived independent of your work.

Doubting Thomas

Chesapeake, VA






Dr. Long

I have stumbled upon your site for the first time. I've done some limited perusing and I plan to study it more. We think along very

similar lines and I want to thank you for doing this. I'm impressed with much of what I've read here. I will drop a line when I've

read more.

Take care








I've been reading your online version when I could over the last couple of months, and you've done an incredible job of researching

and writing a wonderful book, thanks. I had one comment/question from your FAQ page:


You said, " I call myself agnostic because I know of no way to be certain about supernatural existence--I can only elminate



Borrowing from Marc Perkel's Church of Reality Web site, I really like his comments regarding God "being in hiding" since creating

the earth, mankind, the solar system, or whatever else you want to give him credit for. It seems such a logical conclusion to just

have the god you believe in (whatever or whomever you conclude is your creator) come out of hiding and show his face to confirm his

existence. What possible reason could there be for such a god to have stayed in hiding for 14.5 billion years, or even for the

mythical 6,000 years of Christian creation? That would make me a believer, but only if and when that actual appearance were to occur

would I believe in a god.


I've been an atheist since I was about 12-years old for many of the reasons you cite in "Biblical Nonsense." But, the lack of a god

ever coming out of hiding to prove his existence seems even more powerful to me than many of the previous reasons I had. I just

wonder if that affects any of your views as an agnostic and what you think the Christian apologists would offer as their reason(s)

for allowing 14.5 billion years of their creator remaining in hiding while still maintaining belief in that god?


Thanks so much for your book and for any comments.









To Dr. Long:


Hello.  I am a recent de-convert from christianity.  I have read your book Biblical Nonsense and am thankful that you have posted

it on the net for all to read for free.


Just before I de-converted, I was searching the internet trying to find corroborating evidence for my faith.  I found the exact

opposite.  Christianity is fraudulent, just like all other "revealed" religions.  Your book was one of the first sources I found in

my research.  As I poured over many thousands of pages of information including your book,  I began to copy and paste sections of

articles and such from the internet into a word document, in an unorganized fashion, in hopes of eventually presenting the

information to my wife and others for the purpose of enlightening them to the truth about christianity.  I have frequently used

these copy-and-paste notes when arguing with fundamentalists in certain discussion forums. 


Again, I appreciate your writings about christianity.  They played a tremendous part in my waking up from delusion.




-A grateful Agnostic Non-Theist






Dear Dr. Jason Long,



I just bought your book in soft cover and look forward to reading it. I was hoping to get an autographed hardcover copy from

you. I will have to wait until around the first of September to send you the check for it though. Is it possible to get an

autographed copy of the hardcover of Biblical Nonsense? and if so, how much would it be?


Also, I noticed you addressed Robert Turkel, a.k.a. J.P. Holding. I'm glad you did. I can't stand that guy. I've argued with

 him online years ago. I once sent him many various images of Serapis, from statuary to art, that show an obvious

similarity to the depiction we commonly see of Jesus Christ. I then went on to note that the Catholic Church admitted that

no one knows what the historical Jesus looked like, to which I told Turkel that was odd, considering they claim to know his

every word!


I firmly believe the common image we have of Jesus today is that of either the God of the Grain Serapis, the father God

Zeus, and maybe even the image we have of Appolonius (spelling not sure), or a composite of all three. It seems the long

haired, bearded image was popular with the Pagans back then for their gods and wonder workers and accordingly, I believe

the Christians got that image for Jesus from them. The similarities are striking.





P.S. I enjoy your website. I've just started reading your book and it looks very good to me so far. I saw J.P. Holding's review

of it at Amazon and it smacked of the usual apologetic rhetoric nonsense. I really can't stand that guy, but he does seem

 to attract a crowd of loyal followers. I think he is militant or something. He is always making personal attacks on people

and calling them bad names.








I wanted to touch base with you and tell you I just finished the book and enjoyed it.  I hold to most, if not all, of the same

views and appreciated some directness in attempting to reconcile the claims of the Bible with its fundamentalist adherents. 

I would be curious if you are familiar with the work of Ken Wilber as I believe he does a good job of attempting to

demythologize religion while elevating those parts of religious thought that are helpful in internal reformation of being.  He

does this minus mythology or authority given anyone's claims to having had a theophany; what I am curious about is how

we take the implications to the Enlightenment and not take away from people those tools they have that have afforded them

the ability to reflect on the interior dimensions to their lives.  Religion has served this purpose and I am wondering how we

bridge the gap between demythologizing texts people hold as sacred without taking away from them the tools they need to

become better people (and granted, in my estimation fundamentalism never does that - so please see my comments as

being unhelpful when wrestling w/ fundamentalisms of any variety).  



Best of wishes,











I have just spent about five hours on your website.  Intriguing!  I have recently been studying mainstream Christianity and am

thoroughly perplexed.  I have been asked the question, “how can a smart, educated, level-headed person believe that?”.  I was

raised in a religion that isn’t considered “Christian”.  I will leave it at that.  However, I have had nagging questions in the

back of my mind for some time. 


One of the questions that have me dumbfounded is the belief in the Trinity.  When I have questioned that belief, I have been met

with the same responses you have been met with.  (The bottom line is they were raised with that belief and then taught that

believing differently or questioning the belief is blasphemy)  I listen to people turn and twist what the bible actually says to

meet their beliefs.  Then I am met with the word “truth” so many times that I want to puke.


In talking with friends and associates and even my wife, (which I hope doesn’t kill me for my differing beliefs!)  I am dismayed

at the reasons and lack of historical knowledge possessed by these “Christians”.  They have no idea about the Nicean Council or

any of the other councils for that matter.  They have no idea where the belief came from except that it came from the Bible and

that is it.  I am not saying that it isn’t true; however, I am baffled at the blind belief especially when they are met with a

differing view or idea.


The same holds true for being saved by faith alone.  I guess all of the scriptures that say that keeping the commandments of God

is also required are just to be forgotten or ignored just like the God of the Old Testament.


I would like to think that I read the Bible an open mind, much as you do.  But it seems that all it takes is one step into

religion to find almost everything twisted and distorted.


I am still looking for “Truth” which I do believe exists somewhere but I feel like the only way to find truth is look outside of

the manmade philosophies and religions of the day. 


I would love to hear a response if you have time.








Just wanted to say hello to another Middle Tennessee State alumnus - I also minored in psychology. Unfortunately, I did

not get around to becoming a freethinker until well after college graduation, after a lifetime of Christian fundamentalism

(specifically, the ultra-conservative Church of Christ).


I just ordered your book from Amazon.com, not only because I want to support your effort but also because I like being

able to carry a book around. :) I look forward to receiving it.


Keep up the good work - the world desperately needs more thinkers like you!


Best regards,







Dr. Long-


Well done.


Have you read Sam Harris's superb book - The End of Faith? Check out his web site - www. samharris.org








Dr. Jason:


Very intreged by your book, some thoughts, some questions... I do fear the DEATH of my faith in this pursuit...       


I am a Christian mother of 5, I am very interested in your Book, I have been reading some online.  I have always been a very

very very skeptical person, very analytical & LOVE to play Devil's Advocate with Fundamentalists.  I am a  Doubting Thomas, the

type with ONLY a mustard seed of faith.      I am a Debater at heart, and Love/thrive on this kind of stuff.   I even go to a

"Word Faith" (Penecostal atmosphere) Church, and most of my friends adhere to the strict Black & White mentality of it all.  ANd

then I argue with them, and we agree to disagree, it is no big deal, we still love each other & keep coming back for more.    I can

tolerate them as long as they dont start jumping on me going to Hell.   And if they do this, I laugh at them & reason even harder &

throw contradictory scriptures at them , and it is just fun for me.   Why, I do not know.  I imagine your Book would be fantastic

amunition for me--for these situations.    I also have Mormon friends and Jewish friends and I love them.


I have come to the conclusion myself that I can not take the Bible as Black & White, that I am NOT a Fundamentalist ...... but that

I still find the Bible, for the most part (I agree with you, it is  what we pick & choose) can be very very comforting, and gives

much HOPE to the weak, the poor, the struggling, those who need that hope the most in such a shattered & hurtful world.   It can

encourage us to love, to give of ourselves, or we can choose to condemn and hurt others with the same book.  (isn't that like

almost anything in life?)


I know the Bible has inspired me personally to make good choices in life, I was one of those RARE women who accually waited till

marriage to give myself to my husband-because I saw the benfits of that in scripture, not out of fear, but out of love.    I even

prayed for a Virgin &  got one.   We are very happily married of over 16 yrs. now.       I have grown in my giving to the less

fortunate in this world (I was a MISER in a half-like scrooge incarnate when younger), much of this I learned from Scripture, I

could have learned that from somewhere else, but for me, I guess I learned it from the Bible prominetly.     I have grown away from

Jealousy , resentment, and it lifted me when I prayed for others, it helped me get away from the anger.  I was very very angry when

growing up, I had a major chip on my shoulder, I was Sarcastic & could cut you with a knife with my mouth, had divorced parents,

nasty step mother & seeing my own Mother falling to mental illness.   I have used countless Christian books over the years to battle

many of my emotional instabilites.   I like who I am today, and have always humbly attributed this not so much to my efforts, but

learning the truth about "God", and Love.      Is this really all in the mind.... Is it wrong for me to think this way?  


I have to be honest in saying, I am almost afraid to read your book in it's entirety because It may be the DEATH of my faith,

the DEATH of expectation of answered prayers in my life, and I have had many many that I can not explain.     I almost feel sick at

the thought.   And it could bring on the death of many friendships which I do not really want to happen.   But then again, I want to

live in reality.   My ultimate search in life is for Truth, whatever it is. 


I can agree that I can NOT prove God's existance , but (in your humble opionion), is it so wrong to Believe in the LOVE we

find in the Bible (if we do pick & choose what is good---like the Fruits of the spirit scriptures,etc) , to look up to the Character

of this Jesus and what he tried to teach about loving others, should we ignore the truths about the  Good Samartian?     I personally

see soooo much common sense in the Bible, the scriptures about "thinking on good things", Proverbs, even Ecclesiates is one of my

favorites.    If I come to the conclusion that this is all smoke & meaningless --all the random figments of others imaginations, I

just find this really really sad.  (Kinda like reading "The Giving Tree" By Shel Silverstein, you are really confused at the end,

tears are streaming down your face & you do not really know where to go with what you have just read, experienced.  The various

interpretatons are just amazing, some see complete LOVE, where others see Co-dependancy and Naziism.  It is completely insane.   We

could say the same for the Bible. 


Please tell me if you felt this way on your journey to the conclusions you have come to?  And does Humanism Fill that void in your

life?  Do you pray at all anymore ?   I find something inheritantly lifting to the spirit - when you pray.    Not that I do it much

anymore, but I wanted to get back to it.  And now I found this book you wrote, I am excited to read, but yet I fear where it may

take me.....  


Confused, In ernest searching for Truth but not loosing everything I hold dear in the Process, What really is Love, who created it,

where did if come from...is there any answers to this question --- what are the alternatives???     What are your thoughts??  


I would LOVE to hear back from you --if you ever have the time.   Thank you !   R






Dear Dr. Long,


  First off,  I want to thank you for placing this on line where doubting Christians (who would not purchase this

otherwise) are able to challenge their faith.  I do not think having it available on line will affect the sale of your book as I

intend to buy a hard copy after reading and re-reading it in full.


  I was raised with an open mind and told both sides from different relatives. But even at an early age I was a rational

thinker. I refused to say one nation under god or pray before meals at daycare. I thought Noah's ark was a good STORY,

but didn't take it as factual. The more the bible was pushed in my face the more I retreated. I was fascinated and am still to

 this day at the diversity of life on this planet and how evolution just made sense. I don't see the holes in it like the faithful

do, only missing pieces of the puzzle we are slowly overturning and adding to the full picture. We don't have the whole

picture yet, but we have enough pieces to understand what we are looking at. It doesn't require blind faith. Unfortunately as

an atheist, I have never had the comforts of a loving god looking after me, or the pipe dream of a heaven. But I dont fear a

hell either.


 To further complicate my lack of beliefs I married a Southern Baptist...I guess opposites do attract.

Her father is a born again (I was born ok the first time), Young Earth Creationist. When I asked for her hand in marriage he

immediately went to Jesus and I was blind sided. I was honest with her and on the second date I told her I was not a

Christian and would never become a Christian NOT because I was ignorant to her beliefs...but that I didn't buy it. We

decided to take a Creationism V.S. Evolution class to further understand where the other was coming from (With her

parents). I was all excited to express my views and back them with science....To my surprise we didn't get that far. After a

month of class they couldn't agree on anything in the same faith, same families and same bible. I was WAAAAAY out in

left field and the teacher was interesting. He didn't take sides and could argue either way. We didn't gain much from that

class, but I have attended her church a few times and she has listened to me babble endlessly about evolution and the

 contradictions in the bible and the lunacy of Noah's ark,  Adam and Eve, and the stupidity of intelligent design. So now

she is in the middle of Bible thumpin and Reality. Anyway, I appreciate your work and I am glad that along with Godcasting

Podcasting also has a few free thinkers like the Infidel guy and Nate and Die to counter people like Ken Ham that twist

"science" to meet their conclusions. I believe people have the right to worship however they see fit and I would die to

protect that right...but I have to draw the line when it becomes a theocracy, or when beliefs hurt others. Its hard to be an

Atheist in a world of believers. But I stand by my non beliefs. Thank you for stating WHY! I do however intend to study the

bible and to highlight in one color where it contradicts itself, in another color to point out every time God shows his non

loving side, and another color when it does not stand up to scientific reality.










Great work.  thanks you very much for your time and your straight forward writing.

I have a question, Have you looked at the Quran, the Muslim book.  They claim to be true and no faults.  I have read some of their

reasoning but I am not as knowledgeable as you are to refute their claims.  Can you please give it a try?









I just read some highlights form your book. Execellent! I also read out of curiosity the letters of disaproval. Have any of

these people heard of spell check? You have your work cut out for you man! I linked to you from one of Acharya S ' sites. I shall

definitely add your book to my collection. You are truly couragous. I don't see how anyone could read Thomas Paines' Age Of Reason

and not come to their senses, but apparently this problem of misguided intellect is worse than we think. Feel free to email me with

any interesting info.


Thanks for the research!


C Dub






I personally love the site, though I have not gotten through all of it as of yet.








Dr. Long, I am 53 years old and am a slow learner.  I have been grappleing with this god/jesus/heaven/hell thing for a long time.  I

 went to church when I was a kid, and have been left wanting for a long time.  Religious wars and persecution, millions of deaths,

suffering and all the confusions about which religion is the chosen one, who is right, who is wrong, and all the reasons that religion is

wrong have been going through my mind.  I have read part of the Bible, all of the Koran and much of the Mormon info.  I discovered

that I fit the description of an atheist.  I began looking at websites and found yours very helpful, and your online book extremely

 interesting and helpful.  Thank you for writing it.  It confirmed much of what I have believed for some time, and in fact contained

many of the thoughts that I have had over the years.


I do have a question for you that I hope you can answer.  I have searched the web and found a number of atheist websites that

appear to me to be immature, lacking in any facts and by all outward appearances appear to me to be seriously lacking in any

credibility.  Could you recommend to me any websites or organizations that are serious, knowledgable, legitimate organizations that

 can further my study, and would be worthwile organizations to become involved with.  With all I have read on the Bush White

 House, Christians in the US, and the power and wealth of the religious right, it's time for me to pick a side, and I have chosen.  Any

 information you can send me would be appreciated.


Sincerely, GH






Dr. Long,

I was going to write you a proper letter exclaiming my excitement after finding your website, but I have to get something off my chest

first.  I have occasionally been reading your site when I came across the "letters of disapproval" page.  The page honestly pissed me off

from all the ignorance displayed there.  Having grown up christian and in a totally Christian atmosphere for like 13 years of my life I

know all the fallacies, red herrings and all other types of crap christians (like i did) dish out to deal with opposition. (most christians

use it only to build up their own confidence in their beliefs, they have no real means to persuade).  AHHH!!!  It is just so annoying.

Please post a subtitle on your homepage saying something like "read the entire bible, read my entire website, then make your conclusions,

then IF you have an intelligent unique rebutal, write me."  Anyways, I want you to know that I think christianity serves a good purpose in

america's society and it does a lot of good FOR SOME PEOPLE... but for those of us that seek the real truth let us seek it.  I could

continue to ramble on..but i won't.  Keep on truckin Doc I LOVE your website you are my savior <--(joke)



ps expect to hear from me a lot more...im obsessed with your site!








A wonderful read!  Well done!


Perhaps the most compelling sentence...

 Think about it for a while.


Problem is, those of religious faith refuse to think.


Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel.

- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary (1911)


Religion = Organized Superstition


Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather

to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what

a ride".







I haven't had time to read all of your stuff, but I like what I've seen so far.


Best wishes,








I find your work enlightening and engaging...Nice work







Dear Doctor Long,


    Sir, My name is TL. I have been a Southern Baptist all my life. I live in Upstate South Carolina, which left me no other choice. I

have been having doubts about the existence of God lately and especially the existence of the God of the Bible. Last Monday, I typed

into Google, "is there a god?" I knew it was not the kind of inquiry that Google is meant for, but I was very surprised at all that came

back. I would say that most were Christian apologist giving their reasons for why he does. There was also an ad for you book. I saw that

it was available to read on the internet, but I like to hold a book in my hand when I read. I ordered it last Monday from Amazon and

finished reading it this past Sunday.


    I am 38 and other than my own feelings and misgivings, I have never had it presented to me the way your book does. I certainly felt

that much of the Old Testament was very fanciful at best. Being a Southern Baptist though, I suppose I was able to put my misgivings

aside, especially on Sunday.


    I realize you are a busy man and probably will never read this message, but in case you do, I wanted to give you some of my feelings

concerning my becoming agnostic. I was "saved" when I was 12. To be honest, I had been frightened into it for well before. I would leave

church with my parents so scared that I might die and be eternally tormented because I did not understand what was happening. When I did

become "saved", I was expecting to feel this being come into me and had conditioned myself to believe there would be a physical feeling.

I have wondered often if maybe I did not do some particularly thing correctly. I would read what certain Baptist would say is all you

need to do and try again. I kept thinking, that maybe I don't really believe. I knew I had done what was told to me that must be done,

but maybe I just did not do it correctly. I would say this has made me live in an un-natural fear of death all my life. I kept wondering

if I was going to go to Hell because I just did not believe the proper way.


    The one thing that had made me wonder if God was real was my thoughts concerning women. Most men I know, at least the honest ones,

will see an attractive woman and have lust or at the very least sexual thoughts. It occurred to me that God had made all men this way.

Then in his Bible we are told that we are to only have one wife, and that adultery is a sin punishable by death. It always amazed me that

Solomon had 1000 women according to the Bible. He was supposedly one of the richest men to ever live. He was the wisest of his time. He

physically talked to God and the Bible says he was a man after God's own heart. To me, that's just too much of a conflict. How can he be

in so good with God yet I am a sinner if I have lust in my heart because God created me this way? Surely he would not create a being and

make him a certain way, yet expect him to pretend that is not the case!


    After reading your book and looking at your Biblical references myself. I am convinced that at the very least, the God of the Bible

does not exist. It is a relief to me on the one hand on the other a little unsettling. I have always thought that God was in my mind with

me. Now, I feel alone in my mind. My family situation will not allow me to pass my beliefs on to my wife or especially my daughter. My

parents have always been devout and there is no way, no matter how much proof I provide that they will ever change. My in-laws are even

more so as my father-in-law is a retired Southern Baptist minister. I believe that for all involved that it would probably be best to keep

all of this from my family. I am considering sharing it with my wife, but I believe she has been more conditioned than I.


    Lastly, I want to thank you for your book. You have taken the fear of Hell out of my mind. I know it sounds trivial, but it have been

a major concern of mine all my life. I would not say that I am 100% sure that the God of the Bible does not exist, but I am at the very

least 98% sure and I am sure that is from having believed that all my life. I feel sure it will not take long to get the other 2%. I guess

now I believe that all fanatical religionist are even more ignorant to me than they already were. It's a shame we have to live in such a

world. Please forgive my grammar. I usually have my wife proof read my letters, but I feel it's best to leave her out of this one.



Sincerest appreciation,







Thank you for this honest, cogent, objective writing.
Your clarity and objectivity on these matters have allowed me to free myself forever from delusionalism.






Good morning!


Your text is most impressive - even if I did not need convincing as a total agnostic.


What amazes me is that the media, Time Magazine for example, regularly write-up all sorts of major articles on religion without ever (to my

knowledge) aboarding the subject of religious nonsense, biblical or other. 


Is the subject taboo?  Or is religious influence so pervasive as to dictate this silence?



Ottawa, Canada 






Dear Dr. Jason Long,


I have read through your Introduction to Biblical Nonsense. It is a well written and obviously well researched work. Through researching

other websites as well as having read the Bible myself I agree with your work and with your purpose. However, I do have one criticism.

My criticism is this, the name of your site and the tittle of you work is such that you are nearly guaranteed to be preaching to the quire,

as it were.  Calling your work "Biblical Nonsense" is almost certainly going to put off the very readers you need to reach most, namely



My purpose in mentioning this is that there are several Christians in my life who I would love to email a link to your site, but I fear that such

an email would be destined for the recycle bin unread. Your writting is better researched and more eloquent then any way I could argue

against Christians, yet I can't offer up the evidence you present because they would be instantly put off and worse yet, most likely actively

hostile to reading your work because you esentially call the basis of thier entire belief system nonsense in the title of your website.


Other wise your work is an excellent resource for those who prefer reason and scientific inquiry to nonsense.










Hello Dr. Long:
I enjoy your book.  I have written you with two questions:  the first is specific about the existence of a site.  The second is more vague, about
spreading atheistic beliefs.  I would love a response, but don't feel you have to write a lot.  Feel free to reproduce any part of this on your site
if you like.
Christianity seems less of a problem then Islam. Do you know of an analogous site addressing the Koran?  Such a site should be very helpful
to humanity, considering the terrible things being done in the name of Islam.  I am hinting that perhaps you should give a similar treatment to
the Koran as you do to the Bible, as you have done a good job.  
I am not active as an atheist.  I have decided for myself, but made little if any effort to show other people what I believe.  I am often confused,
wondering if I ought to be leading people to the conclusions that I have come to.  I dislike pushy people who insist on spreading their beliefs.
I also don't like the idea that millions of people are leading their lives according to incorrect religious beliefs.  Most of all, I don't like the abuse
of religious beliefs and violence inspired by it.
Why did you choose to write this book?  Am I morally bound to show others the evidence and arguments that have convinced me to abandon






Dr. Long-
I stumbled across your website accidentally while I was doing my own research on the Bible.  I was immediately intrigued and pleased that
you have discovered some of the same discrepancies I have.  It's pretty obvious once you start looking.
I was a born again, fundamentalist, bible-believing, evangelical Christian for over 35 years before becoming agnostic.  I taught Sunday
School, was a supervisor in a Christian School, led worship, played gospel music and even preached a few sermons in my day! Now I
realize that most of what I believed and taught for 35 years was pure rubbish!  This caused a lot of emotional stress and pain, but I survived
to be the skeptic I am today!
Sites like yours are what we need more of to continue the message that religion really is just myth disguised as truth.  By the way, is your
book available in Barnes and Noble or Borders or other bookstores like that?  Also, how hard is it to get a book like yours published?  Did
you encounter any prejudice or religious bigotry from publishers?
Thanks for considering my questions.






I agree with you.  I want to share with you some of my expierience.  I grew up in small wooden house in rural Florida.  My Grandparents,
Parents, Aunt and Uncle, my two brothers, and my three cousins and myself who was the third Grandchild.  My family did not go to church
but all of the adults in the family were raised in the Southern Baptist tradition.  As a very small child I remember my Grandmother telling me
about God.  She asked me if I believed her and I said I did.  She then told me that if I had any doubht that I would burn in hell.  She also
informed me that God could even read my thoughts.  This of course served to paralyze part of my brain through fear(terror).  My Father
said that he did not want us to go to church because he wanted us to make up our own minds.  This was done without his knowledge.  My
Father has struggled with his beliefs his entire life.  He has been a believer, atheist, and agnostic.  As you may have guessed he is a very
disturbed man.  I had an important event occur in my life before I started school.  I think I had just started walking and it was after my
Grandmother's story that I mentioned above.  I drowned on a family trip.  I know this because I remember absolute terror like I have never
felt since, the sensation of breathing water as though it were air, and all of the fear leaving me to be replaced with absolute indescribable
peace.  My Mother claims this never happened and my Father claims he does'nt remember.  When I regained conciousness I knew in my
heart(just throwing a bullshit Christian phrase back out, just meaning that I felt so strongly that I knew it to be true) that there was no Jesus
and that after you die there is nothing.  Throughout my life I have known fear but the mere idea of death and hell did not terrorize me.  I am
now 37 years old.  My older brother is 39  and my oldest cousin is also 37.  We are either atheist or agnostic.  The other children are
believers.  I do not have a relationship with any other members of the family other than my older brother or my cousin mentioned above.  I
hope that this has been interesting to you.






Dr. Jason:


Thanks for posting this info about the Bible. I tried to be a Christian for many years and tried to live up to what the bible says. I resigned my

member ship to my church about a year ago. I thought I knew the Bible fairly well, because our church promotes studding the Bible.  Of all

the years of studying by myself and with fellow members and church Leaders and Pastors, I never knew of any discrepancies or contraditons

that were in the Bible. For some reason we never was shown any by anyone that knew more than I did about the Bible. To make a long story

shorter, about a year or two ago before I resigned, I became confused and angry with and about God. I got to a point that I did n't fill love

toward God like other people seem to have. I felt like God was over rated. I did not leave the church over just one reason but lots of resons.

I did not want to be a hipocrite and say that I love the Lord when I did not feel love. How can you love someone who never talks to you face

to face or hear his voice audibily.


He never appeared to me in any way shape or form. Not even in visions or dreams. When I prayed, my prayers went un answered. If I asked

 the Pastor or fellow members about God not answering my prayer, every one would have a diffrent reason why God didn't answer my prayer.

Here is where I get confused. They would say:


1. "Brother, their must be sin in your life and God will not here your prayers unles you confes and forsake your sin".

2. "Brother, you didn't have enough faith for God to answer your prayer".

3. "Brother, God is testing you to see if you are willing to wait on him to answer your prayer."

4. "Brother , it wasn't Gods will to answer your prayer."

5. "Brother, I have know ideal why it didn't get answered"


I beleive number 5 was the most honest answer.

I came to the conclusion, As Christians we assume everything but know nothing .

Over the years, my faith had dwindled to almost no faith. 

I'm just confused at this point about everything.

Thought I would run this by you. Thanks again.






I read and enjoyed many of your articles, particularly the one about women in the bible.









Dear Dr. Long,

I wanted to congratulate you on your fine work which I have just started reading. Have no fear, I intend to buy it soon, not just peek on my

computer. It is a relief for me to read it and find some of my own thoughts affirmed and mirrored by another and also it is very inspiring to

learn other reasons that I had not discovered on my own.

I have a hard time in my own life as my wife and son are both devout R. Catholics and I am expected to attend Mass once a week (which

I do) and am under some pressure to join various groups affiliated with that church.  Which is odd as my family knows my views and knows

I quit receiving communion and doing more than being physically present six years ago!

As I find the groups repugnant and idiotic that is not going to happen. I would rather open a vein than raise money to procure a statue to

Moses. Or any other religious figure of any religion. I am not fond of Ghandi either.

Thanks again for your efforts. I shall cough up for my copy soon.


Steven Codekas






Dr. Jason Long




I have, over the last two years, accessed several websites trying to find one that most closely paralleled my own thoughts on religion, atheism

and agnosticism.


I am a newcomer to the last two subjects, so please bear with me.


I was born into a Protestant family and, as you can imgaine, indoctrinated with Christianity, as was to be expected. I do not blame my parents.

They did to me exactly what their parents did to them. It was simply a natural progression of events.


I was never a deeply religious person, until I lost my daughter at the age of 8 months, and became fairly close to the Seventh Day Adventist

church, which had helped me during that terrible time. But I never became a member and gradually lost interest, probably because of the

number of silly restrictions they imposed.


I had always had "doubts" or "suspicions" while in my 20s. The main thing that stands out in my mind was the non-appearance of God in 2,000

years, who previously had constantly "appeared" before the people he supposedly created -- Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,

Moses, Elijah et al. He was with them in the Garden of Eden, during the Bondage in Egypt, their Escape, their wandering in the desert for 40

years, their bloody occupation of Canaan (the Promised Land). It seemed he was never away for very long.


Suddenly, he seemed to have lost interest in his "creation." But putting an end to all appearances has been made all the more conspicuous

because of their absence, Additionally, I find it strange than nothing new has been written that has been deemed worthy of being added to the

Bible after, say, 100-150 CE, other than the few changes that have been made following the deliberations of occasional Ecumenical Councils,

but even those changes involved only tomes written BCE.


In other words, in attempting to understand the Bible, one faces the almost impossible task of trying to enter the mindset of people who lived

from 2,000 to 3,500 years ago, or even longer.


Then came the Iran-Iraq War, and I read about the ridiculous offer of martyrdom to those who were killed in their cause.


Later, I read of the offer of virgins, young boys (I don't know where anyone got the numbers 72 and 28) and eternal life in heaven, and I saw

how Islam was even more ridiculous.


Then came the SE Asia tsunami, killing about 250,000 people, prompting one headline in the UK Guardian newspaper as follows: "How can

religious people explain something like this?"


I then began to seriously explore both Christianity and atheism, to the extent that I decided to read "the whole Bible" for the first time to give

both sides an equal chance. I also read some of the Koran and later a short historical background of Mohammed, after which I decided that

their prophet was nothing less than a bandit-philanderer, so I cast aside Islam as a false religion. I read about Catholicism and the Mormon

religion, and decided that they too were mere cults regardless of what their followers believe. Previously, I had read choice sentences or

carefully selected verses of the Bible, but I wanted to be fair, so I began reading it in its entirety.


It has proved to be a tedious task, but I am now up to the Book of Esther, with quite a lot of reading to go.


While I cannot claim to have absorbed even a fraction of what I read, I soon realized that the God of the Bible was one of the most bloodthirsty

devils one could ever wish to meet. The Old Testament is simply a book of horrors. As someone once said: "If that's the God in heaven, then

give me hell!"


As I made progress, ideas, thoughts and revelations, transforming themselves in strong beliefs, began to form in my mind. I accessed several

websites, again checking up on both sides in the most fair manner, and finally came to the conclusion that religion -- all religions -- are mere

superstition, created by primitive man to appease some unknown entity who dwelled in the heavens, because it was from above that all the noise

and action seemed to emanate -- thunder was this entity's anger, lightning and fire his weapons of destruction, tears his sadness, the sun his

benevolence, earthquakes his violence, and he needed to be appeased, so offerings were made. These beliefs were later embellished by witch

doctors and shaman (later to become priests and ministers), adding all kinds of mystical rituals to exploit and control their own people. From

there, it has evolved into a practice that has kept so many people captive because of the promise of everlasting life. Many are willing to believe

anything if it means obtaining eternal life.


Thus, leaders were able to keep their people under control, divert their thoughts from rebellion, to believe in the promise of eternal life, as long as

they behaved themselves and did as they were told. We need more offerings, tithes, taxes, donations, contributions, gifts, etc., etc., etc. ad

nauseum. If they didn't, they were headed straight to a place called hell, where they would receive eternal pain and torture. Being ignorant, they

believed or else, especially in later years, when unbelievers and apostates were tortured to death (especially during the Inquisition) and many were

burned at the stake.


Well, I don't need any threats to make my gifts. Since my "conversion" in 2004, I have said many times that charity is not a Christian monopoly. I

regularly donate to various charities, one of which is Christian. I do NOT need a reward of eternal life before opening my purse-strings.


Accessing various websites, I found that what unbelievers had to say was in agreement with my thoughts, not that I claim originality. Nevertheless,

I was not unduly influenced by others; I simply employed the devices called common sense and logic, so I was not brainwashed as I was as a child;

as we all were as children. My decision to disbelieve was my own.


As I opined before ever reading it elsewhere, we are the result of our geographic and family environment, our circumstances of birth. I happened to

have been born in a Christian country, hence my Christian background. Had I been born in the Middle East, I would have been a Muslim, with no

choice in the matter.


While I cannot claim expertise in any particular field, I read up on biblical archaeology and found that while some of the Bible contains historical

accuracies, many are simply false. No evidence has been found that authenticates the existence of certain towns, and many events of so-called

biblical importance are suspect. The Bondage in Egypt, strangely enough, is not recorded in Egyptian history, likewise the Plagues, the Exodus,

the 40 years spent wandering in the Sinai desert, armies totaling hundreds of thousands facing enemies of equal or greater strength in Canaan,

which, given its desertified condition at that time could never have supported such populations as those depicted in the Bible. Other suspect stories

involve the dubious existence of King David, King Solomon and others. Myths, legends and fairy tales abound, and errancy is rife!


The historian Josephus mentions Jesus just twice in his voluminous Antiquities, but both appear to be interpolations, certainly the one that describes

Jesus as the Christ. Jews are still awaiting the coming of their Messiah, and as Josephus was a Pharisee, a devout Jew, he would never have called

the man Jesus the Christ. Thus, it is most likely that it was added later by a zealous Christian.


One thing I have found when "debating" the Bible online with others (a waste of time, really) is that Christians invariably quote from the Bible to support

its provenance, which can only be described as disingenuous. I have likened it to quoting from "Alice in Wonderland" to prove that rabbits can talk.


What I find truly amazing is that we live in the 21st century with all its modern techniques, developments and advances, especially in research, yet once

a week, people are urged to go back in time -- anywhere between 3,500 and 2,000 years -- and pray to and worship a god, whose existence cannot be

proven. We are also urged to believe in the words written by various unknown authors between 3,500 to almost 2,000 years ago, which modern scholars

of all persuasions are in agreement were not written by their alleged authors (the Pentateuch by Moses and the Gospels by Matthew, Mark Luke or John).

We read, enjoyed, but never believed in "Ali Baba and His 40 Thieves," "Arabian Nights" and "Aladdin and His Magic Lamp," yet many, nay, most, still

believe in the Bible.


I am now reading George H. Smith's "Atheism: The Case Against God." Perhaps I should not begin to critique his book as I have only read the first part,

but so far he seems intent upon dividing and subdividing, categorizing and placing upon agnosticsm and atheism varying degrees and levels of merit

that can only confuse.


My own position is this:


I do NOT believe in the God of the Bible;

I do NOT believe the Bible itself is holy or was inspired by God;

Jesus, as an itinerant preacher -- an ordinary man -- may or may not have existed;

On creation and evolution, I cannot rule out a creator (he/she/it), simply because I DO NOT KNOW.


I have no idea, neither do I care, in what category this places me, but I'm sure George would find one for me.

Churches want their followers to have faith and believe; they don't want them to think or examine, which is why few have read the Bible in its entirety. Well,

my dictionary defines faith as: "Firm belief in something for which there is no proof." In other words, blind faith. Congregants read what their church tells

them to read, and I'm sure they select appropriate verses. One must wonder about the churches that need to issue threats of everlasting punishment in

order to keep their followers.


Religion for many is simply a placebo!


Now, to the present. I recently came across your website Biblical Nonsense, and I seem to agree with almost everything you say. Certainly I feel a closer

affinity to what you have written than any other opinions or statements that I've accessed and read, so I do not think you'll get much dissension from me. In

any case, you obviously know more about your subjects than I do, so I defer to your superior knowledge.


Atheists often say that the onus of proof (about God) lies with the one who makes such an assertion. I agree. Nevertheless, have you ever considered

writing a chapter on the prophecies found in the Bible -- that is, whether they be true or false. I believe it would provide more ammo for unbelievers when

confronted by such assertions.


I haven't read all the writings on your website, but I will do so in the coming weeks.


I admire your efforts.










Great work on the book, I'm pretty far along in exploring much of the issues you have but you added some new insights to my research.


I wanted to see if a thought I have about the account of the Flood makes sense to you.  We are told that the only survivors of the flood were Noah, and his

wife, along with his 3 sons and their 3 wives.  This brings us to a total of 8 people.  Now, I agree with you that the population growth from 8 people less

than 5000 years ago doesn't seem probable.  In addition to this, it appears there would be another problem.


As we know different races of people, much like animals, seem to be indigenous to certain areas of the world.  For example, Black people seem to be

first from Africa, and Native Americans, well seem to be indigenous to North America.  My point is, how can the surviving 8 people from the flood

account for this fact?  For example, to create a dark black African it seems that it would take two purely black people, for an Asian looking person it

seems that it would take two Asians, for a Native American Indian it seems like it would take two Indians.  How are we to believe that from the 8 people

surviving Noah's Flood we now have so many races of people that would need to be created with two "like" people?


It seems that we would have to have a scenario like this:  Noah and his wife were white, one of Noah's sons was black along with his wife, another one

of Noah's sons was Asian along with his wife, and Noah's other son was Native American along with his wife.  Furthermore, each of Noah's sons and

their wives would have to travel to each region of the world where these races seem to come from.  So, we would have to believe that one of Noah's sons

(native American) built a boat and sailed to North America with just 2 people and a boat that would not be seaworthy enough for this journey.  This

scenario would then be played out with each of Noah's sons and wives for each region that these races originated from.  Of course the Bible doesn't say

this happened, which I think goes along with your thoughts on how the Hebrew people were only aware of their region of the world and had no clue as to

the expansiveness of the earth. 


Any feedback on this thought of mine would be appreciated.  Again, great work on the book.







Hello , I discovered your website by accident and feel fortunate I did. I have studied a variety of beliefs and religions of people of the world and it

amazes me how blindly they can be lead. Your book is something I am telling others about, eventhough I have only read about half of it online. I

wondered if you brought up the creation of Adam and Eve (Steve) as anyone with any science background should have pointed out long ago that if

you take a single cell from a host you make an idenitcal copy of that host and not a different specimen. We call it cloning today. Maybe Eve was a

mutant of some kind, but certainly not made from the rib of Adam, and God wouldn't have needed a whole rib either.


Recently the Jehovah's Witness group has been in my area every week. I let them talk and one of their beliefs is that we are to act exactly like

Jehovah. I was relating this to my old college biology partner and she said she liked my comment to their way of thinking, that if we all acted exactly

as Jehovah did (God is not a name to call him as it makes him angry, has lots of issues in anger management too),  there would be a lot less people

walking around the planet as they would all be dead because we would kill everyone who displeased us, which would be just about everyone anyway. 

Also anything with wings is displeasing to him, what about angels? I also commented about Jesus destroying the fig tree and all the others with him

thought it was a miracle. There is nothing good or awesome about destroying a tree simply because it did not have fruit on it when Jesus wanted it to,

the real miracle would have been to make the tree produce fruit immediately. That was in the new testament, I had one year of theology in college, but

was dissappointed with the class as it was all bible reading and no discussion or questioning about it. What are they afraid of, the truth.


Also the J.W,'s state that in the garden Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, why is that bad, knowledge is a good thing, the only reason I can

see for it is that God didn't want the truth about him coming out or that if people could think and learn on their own they would not be afraid of him or

need him, The fact their children were all male yet they married women from other lands, but if  Adam and Eve were the first people and their children

were the first children, where did all the other people come from? The J.W.'s said there were other people when God created his people already, big

gap in sanity there.


Vanity and jealousy are supposed to by sins, yet God declares he is a vain and a jealous God, so I guess he is exempt. Also there seems to be a lot

of shortcomings in his personality and since man was created in his image, man inherited all these bad traits from God, who should have known how

man would turn out, don't blame it on the devil.


The Noah's ark story sounds like a big fish story to me. There was Noah, his wife, their three sons and three daughter-in-laws. If they were the only four

sets of  (DNA) couples to continue the human race there had to be a lot of incest going on which causes inbreds. Also the first generation of

grandchildren produced from Noah's sons according to the bibles I have seen were all male, no females. Only a few granddaughters were born from

Noahs sons so the whole first generation after the flood produced only male offspring, so if they produced another generation, which the bible states

they do then some of them must have mated with their mothers and aunts, incest. And if evolution didn't exist, as they claim it does not, how do they

explain the different races of man and the variety of plants and animals that are constantly being discovered today.They evolved from other species like

the horse at the time of the dinosaurs were about six inches tall compared with horses of today or better yet evolution of all of the different species of

dogs today originated from the wolf.Yet the bible believers acept that and still deny evolution.They say give them proof and when they get proof they

dismiss it.


There are other things which I find in very poor taste coming out of the bible and to have some people in this country are trying to force one of the most

violent, misunderstood and evil pieces of writing onto the population as a whole is and make it part of school classes is scary. The claim that science is

fantasy and the bible is fact and truth are false should not be allowed. Personally, I  feel your work would be a much better text as  part of any creation

class so the students can have the fairy tales and the reality check that is sorely needed, then let them see the insanity that is preached from the bible

and compare it to your writing and hope they can see the bible from a openminded point of view and not a slanted warped view they have been filled with.

I know this is long. I cannot wait to finish reading the rest of your book on line and maybe I will get a chance to order a copy for my daughter. Keep up the

good work. It's about time someone speaks up. Thank you DK







    I appreciate your writings.I now know that it isn't easy going from believer to sceptic,especially when all the relatives are believers .

    Looking back,I can honestly tell you there is one thing that really stands out in my quest for the truth....Matthew 24:34.

    I have read about Jesus return from EVERY angle.How anyone can believe that his return was meant for the future can only be explained three

   ways...ignorance,self delusion,or just believing something because you were told to believe that way.I can see why some bible thumping hick would

believe that way,but not an intelligent person.








Excellent. You wrote my book about 30 years before I could have. 
Best of it all to you! 
Thanks for fighting the good fight. I know it sounds so trite, but people say it, and it seems appropriate. I know the struggle I went through, and I know
what I go through still being a nonbeliever in a believing society. I know all about what you called "cognitive dissonance" or something like that.

Sometimes I thought my brain was just going to explode from trying so hard to figure these things out. 

You are educated, it likely wasn't as hard on you, I hope anyways, but still you must know what I mean. I applaud you. And i know yours is a largely
thankless job. 







I'm a christian who has become quite skeptical.  As an elder in an evangelical church and one who has been a passionate lay bible teacher and

defender for 13 years,  this is a difficult time for me.


I'm curious what answers you could offer or where you could direct me to read them.








Dr. Long,


I have just spent much time reading passages from your book on-line.  Like many others, I'm appreciative of the fact that you've published

this work for free on the internet. 


You're probably a busy person, but I was hoping I could open a dialog with you.  I'm at a frustrating point in my life.  I feel a strong desire to

commiserate with intellectuals on the topics of Christianity and atheism, but I have yet to find anyone who puts much thought into the matter.

Most people I know call themselves Christians and "believe in God" but when asked for the foundations for their beliefs simply say things

like "I just do" or "I just know."  When I heap piles of logical and biblical inconsistencies upon them, they simply shrug their shoulders and

say, "God."


Trying to find objective writing on-line is an even more difficult endeavor.  Both sides of the debate seem so angry.  I was surprised to find

comments on your Letters of Disapproval page suggesting that you "hate" God.  One of the reasons I continued to read your writing was

because you didn't write with a passionate hate for Christianity.  You wrote as someone that feels as I do, that reason should trump

superstition and it's alright to feel that way.  Perhaps only a "doubting Christian" or agnostic could appreciate that your writing is fairly

moderate.  I can't fathom how anyone could read your writing and then read Robert Turkel's and come away believing that you are the

angrier of the two.


What I'm truly seeking is a discussion with someone who is capable of intelligent thought and does not reject certain ideas purely because

of an established dogma.  If you have the time to throw a few E-mails back and forth, I would really appreciate it.










Stumbled upon your site...great read.


Take Care,







I enjoyed reading your article about the myths of the Bible. After many years of research, I have come to the conclusion that all of religion

is nothing but bull....










Thanks so much for writing it.


Best as always,








This is an absolutely astounding website.  I greatly appreciate your honesty, intelligence, and courage to produce such wonderful writing.









Dear Sir,  I am now an atheist.  I was born agnostic, became a believer,  agnostic, and now I am an atheist.   When I was twenty years old.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I am now 37.  When I came home from the hospital my Father was having marital trouble with his

second wife.   Although he did not accuse me outright of having an affair with her he did believe this.  He was at my Uncle's house one

evening and I had came over to see how he was.  My Grandparent's had both warned me that he and my uncle had plotted to beat me up

and that my Dad thought I was having an affair with his wife.   I did not believe it.  When I got to my Uncle's house I was set up by my Father

for a physical confrontation that I could have died from.  Some years after this event I woke up one morning  I accepted (not remembered)

that when I came in to my Uncle's house my father locked the door.  This is how I began to understand what cognitive dissonace is.   I denied

believing what my Grandparents told me.  I denied to my self what my Father had done.  Religious people that I know that have been trying to

save me constantly use the phrase "choose to believe".  I came to the understanding that belief is not a choice and that belief does not affect

reality.  The reason that I mentioned that I was diagnosed bipolar is because my brain went in to over drive trying to solve problems.  I could not

believe in religion any more than I can believe in unicorns or centaurs.  I had no control over what I thought of.  This was obcessive thinking.  I

think a lot of people choose not to think about things that make them uncomfortable.  I could not help but think about things that made me

uncomfortable.  Confronted by my own thoughts , I came to accept the truth and reason won.  I think that bipolar disorder is a product of

evolution that serves a purpose.  It is very hard on the indivivual but somebody needs to pull their head out of the sand and lead the flock of

sheep from their own folly from time to time.  This is not to suggest all atheists are bipolar.  I also think that predisposition to religious thinking

is also a product of evolution and also has served a purpose.  I hope you have found this interesting.






Dear Dr. Long.


Thank you for making your book 'Biblical Nonsense' available to me on-line.  I enjoyed it very much and while I have no problems accepting

its contentions and, indeed, was already familiar with much of the information it presented, there was still enough new (to me) information in

it to make it well worth the read.






Hi Dr. Long, as a doubting protestant college student, I really appreciate the honesty and objectivity with which you examine the Bible's

claims. It's sooo refreshing! I have been frustrated to death lately trying to find an objective source to run my doubts by, but this site has

really helped.


On a more personal note, I want some advice. I grew up super-christian, super-sheltered, super-conservative - even homeschooled to top

it off. Upon reaching college however, my outlook quickly began to change as I realized just how biased and ignorant my defenses of

Christianity were. I have now come to terms (almost) with the possibility of the Bible having multiple errors, but as I analyze the ramifications of

that truth, my forecast looks very bleak! Is there any salvaging my faith? I always relied on God for my ultimate purpose in life. Where would my

hope and purpose come from then? You said you used to be a Christian - how did you do it? I know you are an agnostic, but do you ever dream

about being wrong and God coming and saving the day in the end? If not do derive hope and meaning from any other source? At 20 years old,

I'm not sure I can just adjust to living in the cruel, chaotic world painted my modern science.


Your thoughts/advice would be appreciated!








Dear Doc Long-

You're not going to sell many of these books-you've taken far too logical a stand. People don't want logic; it's too boring. They

want big hero-type gods creating the world in a flash and smoting everybody who thinks independently of the established church. A

random but rational, scary but understandable reality is just too mundane; people want the Hollywood version of the story, not the

true historical fact.  As a fellow heretic, I am sympathetic, but realistic; we need to talk to our "believer" friends with understanding

and compassion, and not bash their little gods, but try to encourage them with reverence toward a greater "god," that being, to my

way of thinking, the Truth.







Hello Dr. Long,

I really admire your site, your book, and all the work you have done. You are very well informed in your responses, and consider what the person

is saying, not who is saying it.


Thank you for your time,






Dr Jason Long,

  I just visited your website. I was dumbstruck by your article on Noah's
Ark. Please take note of my discussion on Genesis. I SWEAR

to you I thought of the problems with Noah's Ark myself and had never read a book or website like yours before conceiving of them.

I've been posting this treatise in fragments on www.debunkingchristianity.com and on a Christian apologetics blog designed to "enlighten"

skeptics like you and I and "show us the light"! ROTFL!

I originally sent this to leading Christian leaders around the country, such as  Jerry Falwell, Joel Osteen, Cal Thomas, Dr. Dobson, Rod

Parsley, Bob Larson, and Paul Crouch. I only got a response from one of Dobson's flunky's, who offered me some books and counseling.

I also thought of the "What did predatory animals eat on the
Ark?" question. You are gonna DIE when you hear the responses I got back on

the blog.! "Vegetarian" lions, or maybe God put them in hibernation! I told those people "Oh, Puh-lease, you are EMBARASSING

yourselves!" And they wonder why they're not taken seriously by the scientific community!






Dear Sir,


I have read your work over the internet and very much enjoyed it.









I can now, at last, just get on with living my life. What little time I have left of it. You have saved me an enormous amount of further waste

of my time, money, and effort, and energy.

From this point on, I breathe free air, and think free thoughts.

Why? Ironically, the TRUTH, does, indeed, set one free.


Sincere and forever gratitude for your,

                 D H  






i read your intro....it was right on the target....i personally feel that there may be some intelligent being that is responsible for this

existence....howevere, you are right and may i add to your final sentence of your intro...the world's greatest problem is not just

christianity....but judaism, islam, and all religions....thanks and take care







Dear Dr. Jason Long

I can't tell you how pleased I am at finding your website.  For many years now, I have been suffering over questions about this war

in my mind over science and religion.  I was born Baptist and grew up in Florida.  My parents have remained devout to our religion

and so have many of my friends.  I am surrounded by the power of our own little version of Christianity.  Much like you, I'm sure,

when my mind began developing the ability to think logically, I started questioning everything I thought I knew.  All of this process is

incredibly long and drawn out, so I won't bore you with the details... but I will tell you that I've been writing (occasionally), about my

thoughts.  I wanted to find an acceptible combination of science and religion and apply it to my life.  I've attempted to do this by

analyzing facts and systematically evaluate "what is assumed to be true" on both sides of the argument.  In regards to my study, I

am as critical as possible and as logical as I know how to be.  Just as you're reading this, I'm sure you realize how incredibly

difficult it's been for me.  I wanted to be fair to both sides - unbiased.  This means speaking to my family and my friends about

their beliefs.  It never ceases to amaze me how often I am categorized as being "the confused one."  More often than not, the

answers I receive (to questions about the Bible, KJB) seem elusive and supported by "circular reasoning."  (i.e. Using the Bible to

validate itself.)  If I hear one more person say (errantly) that I've taken something "out of context," I plan on biting their face off. 

Needless for me to continue, you can see how much trouble I've ran into. 

I'm beginning to believe that I will never find a successful conclusion to my goal.  When I read debates by very successful and highly

credited scientists, almost all of them demand the division of science and spirituality.  They are even sarcastic in tone.  On the other

side of the equation, religious fanatics spout nonsense about global scientific conpiracies to destroy their beliefs - calling them

"enemies of the faith."  Just the other day, I saw a new species of T-Rex had been discovered that most likely had feathers.  Near

that National Geographic article was a response by a forum member leading me to a website describing this conspiracy against

religion.  It not only attempted to completely debunk the Archaeopteryx fossil, but just about every scientific principle of evolution (as

if the evolutionary process of organisms was complete nonsense).  In addition, the website had special instructions for Christians

who needed answers for those people who asked troubling questions about faith.  When the topic of 'Contraditions in the Bible'

came up, I was disgusted and disheartened.  Their answer for contradictions was that "There aren't any! (and never will be)" and to

answer the person's questions by asking your own - not only about the validity of the subject, but also if a scripture 'could be made

to mean something else.'  Basically, they were teaching other christians how to answer questions with more questions.  This

discredits them and makes me very unhappy as a researcher.


To complicate things further, earlier today, I asked my friend why a divine creator - who knew all things and was not limited by time –

would even bother to create...anything?  It would already know the result of it's work and how it would develop.  It would seem to be a

waste of work and an exercise in futility.  Even if humans were given free will to defy God as they pleased, why would they be judged

for it?  If God knows everything you do before you are created, how can you be held accountable?  Wouldn't it be God's plan that's

being judged?  Would God be judging itself?  The answer to this, which I'm sure you've already guessed, was the all-mighty super

answer:  "How can we, as humans, begin to understand a being such as God?  He is beyond our comprehension."  I will spare you

the details of how, angrily, I pointed out that his very human nature defines all understanding as he knows it, including his faith.  I hate

this line of reasoning!  I believe it to be the ultimate fail-safe of the fanatically religious.  It's just this pathetic excuse to lie down and

do what you're told...and above all, "Don't ask questions!"

Well, enough of my experiences and ranting.  I want you to know that I read this on your website, "I call myself agnostic because I

know of no way to be certain about supernatural existence – I can only eliminate possibilities."  By this line, alone, I feel a kinship

with you.  However, I also feel much less knowledgable on the subject as you and I plan to study your work.  I want to find a reason to

believe that spirituality, in itself, is needed in my life.  I can't easily explain why it's so important to me.  Life is so short, that it almost

seems foolish not to believe in some kind of possible eternity, afterlife, or transference - even if it does seem scientifically ignorant.

 If matter can neither be created nor destroyed, what was the universe before it was created?  and what was it before that? and

before that? and before that?  The paradox never ends, of course, and it leads to the ideology of explaining "creating something

rom nothing." (I'm studying quantum vacuums, now.)

If you've gotten through all these muddled thoughts, you've made it here to my question.  Do you think I'll find an acceptible answer to

what I'm after?  Can I really be content as an intelligent, logical, free-thinking individual and still come to terms with a spirituality of my

own?  Would my comprimises be too great?  I know how long my letter is and I'm sorry.  If you have any thoughts on what I've

presented here, I would love to read them (maybe some suggested reading?).

Thank you for your time and the work you've already accomplished,







Hello Jason,


I just want to say that your Website is what I have been looking for all the while.  I do believe in God, however, I've been going through

some major doubts because where so many Christians view the Biblical God as a God of love, frankly, I don't see Him that way at all.

I have served God for years out of fear and still wonder if I'll "make it" to heaven of not.  I just started getting real with myself and came

to the realization that if I didn't believe in heaven and hell the way I do, I wouldn't fear the way I do and might live a happier life.  However,

I'm still afraid that I might be cast into hell for not believing "whatever" the TRUTH is???? One of my biggest and saddest views is

grasping how a "loving" God could throw MOST PEOPLE in hell (actually, after hell, the lake of fire for all eternity) when I could NEVER,

no matter what my kids did to me, throw them into a fire pit, especially with the intent that they would burn for forever, ya know? And we

Christians, are supposed to walk around "knowing" most people will end up like this, and maybe ourselves if we don't "watch it!" I actually

see how some people can say, "Oh well, I'd rather go to hell then serve the God of the Bible" b/c they don't even want to serve a God like

this!  Well, I will have to go and research more, but what you say is interesting none the less and sheds light on a few things.  However, I

have read stories of people who say they've been to heaven and hell so I don't really know.  However, the Old Testament really doesn't

differ from the Muslim God Allah (actually, supposedly He is the same God).  BTW, do you have any idea where the idea of the "eternal

lake of fire" came from??? 


Hope you have a nice weekend!










I have, after years of Bible study, reached the same conclusion that you have:  It's bullshit, and the God it describes is a hideous horror

of a deity.






Thanks for a great job. Your summary of logical fallacies is outstanding. 
The last pathetic excuse I got from my former pastor after he obviously couldn't answer any of my tough but fair questions was "read the
Bible and I will pray for you". He also tried to hide behind the excuse that faith was "non rational".
You put into words what so many of us have suspected for too long............H







Great points, you have given me and my conscious brothers more ammunition. 

Much respect







Thank you for your web site.  I appreciate all of the work you have done to truthfully inform people.  The article that you wrote about failed

Biblical prophesies was particularly intriguing.  I thought you might be interested to know something odd about the "prophecies" in

Revelation that I noticed while recently reading the Bible; an undertaking I have begun to finally decide whether or not to follow the religion

of my family.


1)    Revelation 18:13 ".....And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and

beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men......"


It’s strange that Revelation, which is about what will happen during a future “Apocalypse”, mentions chariots instead of John’s

description of our futuristic vehicles.  The Revelation has “the end” at a time when people still used chariots.  The mention of slaves

 in also odd and doesn't fit with the ideals of society today.


2)    Revelation 18:23 "And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride

 shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."


Again here primitive candle light is mentioned.  Revelation falls short of painting a futuristic end time.


3)    19:18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them

 that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.


Horsemen mentioned again.  This seems to suggest that horses are important for transportation in the end times.


Thank you,






Admire your work.






Dr. Long,


I have just begun reading about your book online. I am not going to read your book entirely online because it might be a little dangerous to

take my laptop into the bathtub with me. But I do intend to purchase it. I just want to say thanks for giving me some easy "ammunition" to use.

You make great and valid points that are undeniable - though we know there will there will be ways found to deny it.


Best wishes and thank you so much,






Dr. Long,
I find it interesting that in the bible, God creates the animals and commands all to be strict vegetarians, but not to long after the fall, he is
 commanding everyone to kill his beloved animals for food and religious sacrifices. One of my dogmatic Christian friends explains that,
 while they were commanded to kill the animals, they were commanded to do it humanely. I also find it interesting that killing "humanely" 
apparently removes the stigma of wrongdoing from the taking of innocent life, and how much more innocent a life than that of an animal 
can you take?
Even though I'm a member of a Christian religion, to believe the bible to be any more than anecdotal stories loosely based upon history 
and the religious mythology of the time is unsupportable. As an animal-rights advocate, I am particularly disturbed by the position that most 
Christian believers hold, that animals were placed on earth for man's use, and that the exploitation, torture, and slaughter of innocent animals 
is completely free of sin.








Dr. Long-


I came across your website while doing research for my next book.  After being a Christian for over 35 yearsI finally became an agnostic

 and wrote a book about biblical origins.


Your website is thorough and enlightening.  It's also a pleasure to read and you have a gifted ability to convey complex ideas in a simple,

 fundamental style that teaches and entertains at the same time.


What is your policy on allowing quotations of your work by other authors?  I hope you have time to answer me.


Keep up the good work!








Thank you so much for writing a very readable book. I have been a Christian for 38yrs and have finally seen the light. Your book helped

me to understand that the feelings and doubts that I've had over the years are not just in my head, but are real problems within the bible.

Your book was a joy to read and I will re-read it many times to get fuller understanding. Thank you once again.







Thank you for all the work you've done.

Bless ya






Hello Jason.

My name is LJ from Sweden.

The land of the Nobel Prize. In science we trust.

Nevertheless there are to many of us who belive in biblical nonsense.


I would like to say that I very much enjoyed reading your book.




Dear Dr. Long,

I'm not sure of your level of involvement in this site anymore, as I just stumbled upon it randomly. However, after a brief glimpse of the

 material, I was curious to review the "letters of disapproval" section. I am the first to admit that I am pretty much ignorant as to the nature

 of your website and your book. But I'd still like to take a very brief second to comment on your response to those disapproving letters.

As a former Christian and now a longtime agnostic myself, I was astounded that you actually took the time to craft responses to each of

 those letters. Despite the fact that you picked apart their writings and destroyed their logic--and righly so--I can't imagine why you

would take the time to do so. Is it incredibly frustrating to encounter those people and attempt to engage them in intellectual

conversation? Of course. Are the majority of their points laughable,  hypocritical, and contradicting to the set of beliefs they supposedly

subscribe to? Undoubtedly. Why then, espeically as a scientist, would you even care to respond to half of them. I used to do this myself

to a large degree, but soon realized, as you have, that some people are just going to believe what they are going to believe regardless

 of how baseless those beliefs are. In my opinion, to respond as you did not only adds fuel to their fire, it paints you as someone who is

 embittered against those who take the Bible to the extreme, not the lack of logic behind the doctrine in general. You're not changing

 anyone's mind with your replies or enlightening anyone who does agree with you. As you said, if they people want to believe 2 + 2 is 4,

 they're going to no matter what you say. If someone told you that 2 + 2 is 5, would you spend the time typing out multiple responses as

 to why it is not? I didn't think so. I've found that the best way to "combat" these beliefs and these people is to live the best life you can

 and treat others how you would want to be treated. If you sincerely do this to the best of your ability, I think you will find your efforts go a

 lot farther towards changing a person's attitude than any logical response and breakdown ever will. No matter how hard it might be to

 bite your tounge at times (and trust me, I know it can be very hard), always remember that logic is useless in the war against irrationality.

 I'm sure you have better things to be devoting your efforts towards.

Apologies for my overall ignorance to the subject, but thanks for letting me add my two cents.

All the best,





I love your site and its incredibly intelligent and thought provoking content.  I am a kid that was forced in to the Sunday School meat

grinder at an early age, and got sent home for asking too many questions.  I wanted to know where Mrs. Cain came from, I wanted

to know why, if abortion is wrong, did God kill all those babies as one of the plagues.  I asked what the possibility was that there were

pregnant women killed in the flood, in the cities of Sodom and Gommorrah, amongst the Jews that wandered the desert for 40 years,

ad how faulty the logic would be to assume that no women carrying unborn babies were just randomly killed.  I also said that a person's

relationship with God was almost interdependant, as it appears that He needs us as much as we need Him, since he wouldn't have a

whole lot to do if no one believed in him.  How do you KEEP people interested and believing?  Threaten them with HELL!


I went to a Christian School, and ended up in the principal's office for questioning how the Catholic Church changed its laws about

eating fish on Fridays.  I wondered if all the people that went to hell for eating red meat on Fridays were suddenly told to pack their

flaming suitcases as they were going straight to heaven.


If assignment to hell and heaven is so arbitrary, I asked, then why do we need Chirst and Salvation?


So...BRAVO to you!


B.S., M.Ed.






Thank you so much for your fantastic website.

I feel so much better knowing I'm not a "sinner" or "crazy" for asking an entrenched belief system to explain its inconsistencies and

absurd beliefs.


Thanks again.







Dr. Long,

I simply wanted to introduce myself and hope that you will be able to answer questions for this newly proclaimed atheist. There, I said it.

I am an atheist. That felt good. There's so much I would like to say, but it's overwhelming right now, because of everything I've just digested,

both from your articles, and a book on atheism I just finshed too.  

I look forward to hearing from you, in your spare time of course, no rush. 

Thank you, D C






No wonder they call that chapter numbers!!


Though already an ex Christian I found your dark side of God essay fascinating.  It is only in the collation of such data in one place do we

get the full impact of the sheer absurdity shoved down our throats.  Fortunately I fall into your less exposure group so - 1. I was never really

a church goer 2. My father refused to go to church and didn't force us kids. 








Jason - I congratulate you immensely for your contribution. I am sure that you are castigated by christians for your effort at deftly showing

 the bible up as the piffle it really is. I am also very appreciative that you have allowed access to this brilliant book at a website at no cost

 to me. Obviously an act of christian kindness!

Also, you have used no dirty words in your work when you rail against religion. Even I can't do that.

Again, congrats.








I wish every christian would read your book.  It took me many years to come to the same conclusions.  Most christians have not read much

of the bible. That is why it is still around.  I think you did an excellent job in your book.






Organized religion has never appealed to me.  Western religions rely on rules to guide followers and Eastern religions aim followers to

seek truth, enlightenment and perfection.  I choose my own religion.  Please give me feedback if you feel it warranted.  I truly enjoy your

scholarly writing.


Most sincerely,







Absolutely loved it. It never ceases to mystify me as to how people can actually believe this stuff.


At any rate I was hoping you might consider another book regarding the Koran, Muhammed, Islam, and its history. Christians for the

 most part have calmed down since the middle ages and so don't worry me too much. Muslims are a whole other ball of hate.


Might help.









I just wanted to write a quick note and say thank you Dr. Long. Your honesty and research are a light in a dark world. I was raised

 Pentecostal Christian and subjected to the ridiculous Christian hyper-emotionalism that's rampant in Southern California. From an

 early age, I was dragged multiple times a week to tent "revivals" on the Indian Reservations. It's amazing (and convincing to a 5-yr-old)

 how drugs, fetal-alcohol syndrome, and an irrational belief in Jesus can drive the ignorant into a psychotic tongue-talking mystical fury.

 I was brainwashed by this behavior, and it robbed me of the first fifteen years of my life. Fortunately, I was born a critical thinker, and

 have escaped these absurdities; however, my family (and millions of others) have not been so fortunate. I have "faith" that people such

as yourself are leading a new crusade of enlightenment, and for the first time in thirty years, I feel comfortable professing my belief in

something. I appreciate you immensely and place your book on a pedestal with the likes of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. Thank

you for telling the truth!